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The World Cup 2014 Group Stages draw took place on December 6th, 2013 and we're all now set for the tournament kick off on June 12th!

Check out the World Cup groups and odds to qualify below. Click the green add to bet slip buttons and build your qualification accumulators.

Brazil are obviously hot favourites to qualify from their group, but their draw could have been easier. Croatia are certainly tough to beat, and Mexico are not easy too. Spain also face a tough test against Holland. Chile will test both of these sides on South American pitches and in the heat. Colombia could surprise a few this tournament and qualified impressively - they've also got a relatively easier group than most.

Group D is this tournament's Group Of Death with Italy, Uruguay and England all fighting for two qualification places. England are currently favourites not to qualify. France probably have the easiest group of all of the top teams. They face Switzerland, Ecuador and Honduras.

Argentina will be happy with their group draw. Bosnia-Herzegovina are a tough prospect and Nigeria are probably past their best days. Iran are always an unknown. Germany have a tough draw alongside Portugal, USA and Ghana. This group could surprise if Portugal lose to the Germans in their opening game and there's a winner in the USA v Ghana game.

Belgium are this tournament's outside favourites. They face Russia, Algeria and South Korea. Belgium should qualify and if they win Group H they'll then face the runner up in Group G.

Here's how the second round will shape up: Winner Group A vs Runner Up Group B, Winner Group B vs Runner Up Group A, Winner Group C vs Runner Up Group D, Winner Group D vs Runner Up Group C, Winner Group E vs Runner Up Group F, Winner Group F vs Runner Up Group E, Winner Group G vs Runner Up Group H, Winner Group H vs Runner Up Group G.


Odds To QualifyAdd To
Bet Slip
Brazil1.01Add To Bet Slip
Mexico1.57Add To Bet Slip
Croatia2.38Add To Bet Slip
Cameroon11.00Add To Bet Slip


Odds To QualifyAdd To
Bet Slip
Holland1.04Add To Bet Slip
Chile1.67Add To Bet Slip
Spain1.91Add To Bet Slip
Australia34.00Add To Bet Slip


Odds To QualifyAdd To
Bet Slip
Colombia1.08Add To Bet Slip
Ivory Coast1.95Add To Bet Slip
Japan2.05Add To Bet Slip
Greece6.00Add To Bet Slip



Odds To QualifyAdd To
Bet Slip
France1.20Add To Bet Slip
Switzerland1.67Add To Bet Slip
Ecuador1.91Add To Bet Slip
Honduras7.50Add To Bet Slip


Odds To QualifyAdd To
Bet Slip
Argentina1.04Add To Bet Slip
Bosnia-Herzegovina1.80Add To Bet Slip
Nigeria2.38Add To Bet Slip
Iran6.50Add To Bet Slip


Odds To QualifyAdd To
Bet Slip
Germany1.13Add To Bet Slip
Portugal1.44Add To Bet Slip
USA4.00Add To Bet Slip
Ghana3.75Add To Bet Slip


Odds To QualifyAdd To
Bet Slip
Belgium1.18Add To Bet Slip
Russia1.53Add To Bet Slip
South Korea2.50Add To Bet Slip
Algeria5.00Add To Bet Slip


Check out the odds below on dual forecast betting. Dual forecast is betting on which two teams will qualify from each group (in any order - 1st and 2nd).


Brazil are obvious favourites to qualify, but who will join them? Brazil's first game is against Croatia, and a win for the hosts and a winner in the Mexico v Cameroon game would see two sides on 3 points and two on zero. Brazil play Mexico in their second game, so Brazil could practically have qualified after 2 games. Mexico's game against Cameroon and Croatia's game against Cameroon are therefore key. Cameroon could end up with zero points from this group, and if they do then 2nd place qualification will go down to the last game where Croatia play Mexico. Our Tip - Brazil and Mexico. Mexico may just have a better goal difference going into that final game against Croatia, and a draw could then see them through.

OddsAdd To
Bet Slip
Brazil & Mexico1.62Add To Bet Slip
Brazil & Croatia2.38Add To Bet Slip
Brazil & Cameroon19.00Add To Bet Slip
Mexico & Cameroon101.00Add To Bet Slip
Croatia & Mexico151.00Add To Bet Slip
Croatia & Cameroon501.00Add To Bet Slip


Spain and Holland are the big names expected to qualify from this group, but Chile pose a real threat and could cause an upset. Chile's performances have been good of late, even beating England at Wembley. They're on South American soil too, and that may give them an advantage over Spain and Holland. Spain play Holland in the opening game of this group, and Chile play Australia. That could leave either Spain or Holland lagging 3 points behind Chile after the first game. Holland then play Australia and Spain play Chile. Again, Group B may go down the the final game and a decider between Holland and Chile. This group may again come down to goal difference and how many Holland and Chile can score against Australia, and how few they concede against Spain. Our Tip - Spain and Chile. We're favouring the South American team and not the Dutch, who generally don't do well in finals.


Colombia are the strongest side in Group C and are expected to qualify, but as for who will join them, that's wide open. Greece always seem to be able to pull off results and defend strongly, almost taking the life out of a game. Ivory Coast will be strong and physical as always, and Japan may play their usual fearless style of attacking football. Both Japan and Ivory Coast should trouble Greece if Greece play negative football. Colombia play their first game against Greece and Ivory Coast play Japan. Japan then play Greece in their second game and then meet Colombia (who could have already qualified) in their last game. Our Tip - Colombia and Japan - Japan play Colombia in their last game which may give them an advantage over Greece and Ivory Coast.


Group D is the closest group of all with the bookies slightly favouring Uruguay to qualify with either Italy or England. This makes England's opening game against Italy critical, and if it ends a draw then qualification really might go down to who can score the most goals against Costa Rica, and/or who concedes the fewest goals against Uruguay. If England lose to Italy, Italy play Costa Rica in their second game, so a loss for England against Uruguay would see them out of the tournament after 2 games. The fixtures slightly favour Italy, but if England can get a draw in that opening game then the fixtures favour England who would go into their last game knowing roughly what they needed to do against Costa Rica. Italy would face a tough game against Uruguay in their last game, so it's critical that England don't allow Uruguay to qualify after only 2 games of this group as they would have nothing to play for against Italy. Our Tip - Uruguay and England - England face their two toughest games first. If they can get points they could go into the Costa Rica game potentially knowing that a win, possibly finishing on 4 points and a better goal difference may see them qualify ahead of Italy.


France have landed a relatively easy group draw compared to most of the big teams and are odds on to qualify from Group E. Switzerland are favourites to qualify alongside France. The Swiss defend very well and if they beat Ecuador in their opening game then the top two in this group may almost be decided. France should win against Honduras in their opening game. Switzerland play France in their second game. France are likely to qualify with a win, and the Swiss may too depending on their result from their opening game. All that said, both Switzerland and France may settle for a draw. It's difficult to back against a South American team in this group, but Our Tip is France and Switzerland - The Swiss defence will ensure they pick up points in this group.

OddsAdd To
Bet Slip
Switzerland & France2.20Add To Bet Slip
Ecuador & France2.63Add To Bet Slip
Switzerland & Ecuador7.00Add To Bet Slip
France & Honduras13.00Add To Bet Slip
Switzerland & Honduras34.00Add To Bet Slip
Ecuador & Honduras51.00Add To Bet Slip


It's difficult to see beyond Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina qualifying from this group. Bosnia are far better a side than Nigeria and Iran. However, Bosnia do face Argentina in their opening game, which could leave either Nigeria or Iran on 3 points going into the second games. If Nigeria beat Iran in their opening game, then a draw against Bosnia in their second game could see them with a chance of going through. Even if this scenario happens though, and second place qualification goes down to goal difference we would still back Bosnia to score more goals and concede fewer than Nigeria. Our Tip - Argentina and Bosnia - Bosnia should have the firepower to overcome Nigeria, and could even get something from their opening game with Argentina.

OddsAdd To
Bet Slip
Argentina & Bosnia-Herzegovina1.91Add To Bet Slip
Argentina & Nigeria2.75Add To Bet Slip
Argentina & Iran7.00Add To Bet Slip
Bosnia-Herzegovina & Nigeria34.00Add To Bet Slip
Bosnia-Herzegovina & Iran51.00Add To Bet Slip
Iran & Nigeria101.00Add To Bet Slip


Group G is one of the clearest groups in terms of dual forecast. Germany and Portugal are odds on to qualify ahead of Ghana and the USA. Both Ghana and USA are past their best that we expected from them in previous tournaments and in particular the USA could perform very badly at this tournament. Germany do play Portugal in the opening game of this group though, which could leave the winner of Ghana and USA with a slight chance of qualifying. Ghana play Germany and USA play Portugal in the second games. If Portugal lose their opening game to Germany and USA beat Ghana, then USA v Portugal will become a lot more interesting. The pressure will be on Portugal to win, and USA could try play for a draw. Our Tip - Germany and Portugal - we just can't see Portugal not able to pick up 6 points from USA and Ghana.

OddsAdd To
Bet Slip
Germany & Portugal1.80Add To Bet Slip
Germany & Ghana5.00Add To Bet Slip
Germany & USA5.50Add To Bet Slip
Portugal & Ghana13.00Add To Bet Slip
Portugal & USA17.00Add To Bet Slip
Ghana & USA51.00Add To Bet Slip


Belgium and Russia are expected to qualify from Group H. South Korea's form has been very poor since their peak around 10 years ago, and in qualification they struggled to beat some poor sides, like Iraq and Lebanon. It's therefore difficult to see anyone but Russia and Belgium qualifying. Belgium are very strong, and could go far in this tournament. Russia showed a strong defence and also scored a lot of goals in qualification. They should be strong under Fabio Capello. Our Tip - Belgium and Russia - this group could be a walkover. Belgium play Algeria in their opening game and Russia play South Korea, which could leave both sides on 3 points going into their second game where they face each other.

OddsAdd To
Bet Slip
Belgium & Russia1.95Add To Bet Slip
Belgium & South Korea3.75Add To Bet Slip
Belgium & Algeria8.00Add To Bet Slip
Russia & South Korea8.50Add To Bet Slip
Algeria & Russia21.00Add To Bet Slip
Algeria & South Korea41.00Add To Bet Slip
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