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Games AgoDateHome TeamScoreAway TeamCompetition
Last08/11/2014Spartaks0-0Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
201/11/2014Liepajas Metalurgs3-2Daugava DaugavpilsLatvia Virsliga
324/10/2014Liepajas Metalurgs2-0Metta/LuLatvia Virsliga
420/10/2014Jurmala2-4Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
504/10/2014Liepajas Metalurgs6-0FC JurmalaLatvia Virsliga
628/09/2014Liepajas Metalurgs1-1VentspilsLatvia Virsliga
720/09/2014Liepajas Metalurgs5-0BFC DaugavpilsLatvia Virsliga
814/09/2014Skonto1-2Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
927/08/2014Jelgava1-0Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
1021/08/2014Liepajas Metalurgs3-0SpartaksLatvia Virsliga
1116/08/2014Daugava Daugavpils3-1Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
1213/08/2014Metta/Lu0-2Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
1309/08/2014Liepajas Metalurgs1-2JurmalaLatvia Virsliga
1403/08/2014FC Jurmala0-1Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
1528/07/2014Ventspils1-0Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
1623/07/2014Skonto2-0Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
1712/07/2014Liepajas Metalurgs2-1BFC DaugavpilsLatvia Virsliga
1829/06/2014Jelgava3-0Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
1925/06/2014Spartaks2-0Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
2021/06/2014Liepajas Metalurgs0-3Daugava DaugavpilsLatvia Virsliga
2115/06/2014Jurmala4-0Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
2211/06/2014Liepajas Metalurgs7-0FC JurmalaLatvia Virsliga
2303/06/2014Liepajas Metalurgs2-0VentspilsLatvia Virsliga
2424/05/2014BFC Daugavpils0-4Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
2514/05/2014Liepajas Metalurgs2-1JelgavaLatvia Virsliga
2610/05/2014FC Jurmala2-3Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
2705/05/2014Liepajas Metalurgs2-0SpartaksLatvia Virsliga
2830/04/2014Daugava Daugavpils5-3Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
2926/04/2014Metta/Lu1-4Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
3020/04/2014Liepajas Metalurgs1-0JurmalaLatvia Virsliga
3116/04/2014Liepajas Metalurgs2-3JelgavaLatvia Virsliga
3212/04/2014Ventspils3-2Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
3309/04/2014Liepajas Metalurgs1-0SkontoLatvia Virsliga
3429/03/2014BFC Daugavpils1-1Liepajas MetalurgsLatvia Virsliga
3521/03/2014Liepajas Metalurgs2-1Metta/LuLatvia Virsliga
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