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Games AgoDateHome TeamScoreAway TeamCompetition
Last29/11/2014Chunnam Dragons0-0Incheon UnitedSouth Korea K-League
222/11/2014Chunnam Dragons3-1Sangju SangmuSouth Korea K-League
315/11/2014Busan I Park1-1Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
409/11/2014Gyeongnam FC3-1Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
501/11/2014Chunnam Dragons1-1Seongnam Ilhwa ChunmaSouth Korea K-League
626/10/2014Incheon United3-3Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
718/10/2014Chunnam Dragons1-2FC SeoulSouth Korea K-League
811/10/2014Suwon Bluewings2-1Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
904/10/2014Chunnam Dragons0-0Gyeongnam FCSouth Korea K-League
1001/10/2014Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma1-0Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
1128/09/2014Chunnam Dragons1-1Ulsan Horang-iSouth Korea K-League
1221/09/2014Chunnam Dragons2-1Busan I ParkSouth Korea K-League
1314/09/2014Sangju Sangmu1-0Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
1410/09/2014Chunnam Dragons0-1Pohang SteelersSouth Korea K-League
1506/09/2014Jeju United6-2Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
1631/08/2014Chunnam Dragons2-1Jeonbuk MotorsSouth Korea K-League
1724/08/2014Busan I Park0-1Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
1817/08/2014Chunnam Dragons3-1Suwon BluewingsSouth Korea K-League
1909/08/2014Ulsan Horang-i1-0Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
2006/08/2014Chunnam Dragons1-2Incheon UnitedSouth Korea K-League
2103/08/2014Jeonbuk Motors2-0Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
2223/07/2014Jeju United2-0Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
2319/07/2014Chunnam Dragons2-0Seongnam Ilhwa ChunmaSouth Korea K-League
2412/07/2014Sangju Sangmu1-2Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
2509/07/2014Chunnam Dragons3-1Gyeongnam FCSouth Korea K-League
2605/07/2014Chunnam Dragons2-2FC SeoulSouth Korea K-League
2710/05/2014Pohang Steelers3-1Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
2804/05/2014Chunnam Dragons4-3Sangju SangmuSouth Korea K-League
2926/04/2014Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma0-1Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
3019/04/2014Chunnam Dragons0-2Jeonbuk MotorsSouth Korea K-League
3113/04/2014Chunnam Dragons2-1Busan I ParkSouth Korea K-League
3209/04/2014Suwon Bluewings1-0Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
3306/04/2014Chunnam Dragons2-2Pohang SteelersSouth Korea K-League
3430/03/2014Incheon United0-0Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
3526/03/2014Chunnam Dragons1-0Ulsan Horang-iSouth Korea K-League
3622/03/2014Gyeongnam FC2-3Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
3716/03/2014Chunnam Dragons1-2Jeju UnitedSouth Korea K-League
3808/03/2014FC Seoul0-1Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
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