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Games AgoDateHome TeamScoreAway TeamCompetition
Last22/11/2015Busan I Park1-1Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
207/11/2015Chunnam Dragons2-1Gwangju FCSouth Korea K-League
325/10/2015Chunnam Dragons2-5Ulsan Horang-iSouth Korea K-League
418/10/2015Daejeon Citizen1-0Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
504/10/2015FC Seoul3-2Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
623/09/2015Chunnam Dragons0-2Suwon BluewingsSouth Korea K-League
719/09/2015Ulsan Horang-i3-2Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
813/09/2015Chunnam Dragons1-1Daejeon CitizenSouth Korea K-League
909/09/2015Chunnam Dragons1-1Seongnam Ilhwa ChunmaSouth Korea K-League
1029/08/2015Busan I Park1-1Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
1123/08/2015Chunnam Dragons0-0Pohang SteelersSouth Korea K-League
1219/08/2015Jeonbuk Motors2-1Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
1315/08/2015Chunnam Dragons0-2Incheon UnitedSouth Korea K-League
1412/08/2015Gwangju FC0-0Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
1526/07/2015Chunnam Dragons3-1Jeju UnitedSouth Korea K-League
1612/07/2015Daejeon Citizen2-3Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
1708/07/2015Suwon Bluewings1-0Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
1805/07/2015Chunnam Dragons2-1Ulsan Horang-iSouth Korea K-League
1901/07/2015Chunnam Dragons0-0Pohang SteelersSouth Korea K-League
2028/06/2015Jeonbuk Motors2-2Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
2120/06/2015Chunnam Dragons2-0FC SeoulSouth Korea K-League
2217/06/2015Chunnam Dragons2-1Seongnam Ilhwa ChunmaSouth Korea K-League
2306/06/2015Incheon United1-2Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
2403/06/2015Chunnam Dragons1-2Gwangju FCSouth Korea K-League
2530/05/2015Chunnam Dragons3-1Busan I ParkSouth Korea K-League
2623/05/2015Jeju United3-2Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
2716/05/2015FC Seoul3-0Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
2809/05/2015Chunnam Dragons0-0Daejeon CitizenSouth Korea K-League
2903/05/2015Gwangju FC3-2Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
3026/04/2015Chunnam Dragons2-1Jeonbuk MotorsSouth Korea K-League
3119/04/2015Busan I Park0-2Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
3215/04/2015Pohang Steelers4-1Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
3312/04/2015Chunnam Dragons1-1Suwon BluewingsSouth Korea K-League
3405/04/2015Chunnam Dragons1-0Incheon UnitedSouth Korea K-League
3521/03/2015Ulsan Horang-i0-0Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
3614/03/2015Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma0-0Chunnam DragonsSouth Korea K-League
3708/03/2015Chunnam Dragons1-1Jeju UnitedSouth Korea K-League
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