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Out of 808 games played this season in the Italy Serie C1/A, there was over 1.5 goals in 544 of those games. That's 67.33% of games on average where there were over 1.5 goals, indicated by the green line below.

Italy Serie C1/A Over/Under 1.5 Goals Statistics

  Statistics O/U 1.5
 TeamPldOver 1.5%Next League GameOU
Paganese272592.59%Paganese v CosenzaSunday, March 5th  
Bassano Virtus262492.31%Pordenone v Bassano VirtusToday  
Melfi272488.89%Catania v MelfiSunday, March 5th  
Messina272281.48%Messina v MonopoliSunday, March 5th  
Fondi272281.48%Fondi v TarantoSunday, March 5th  
Pistoiese272281.48%Pistoiese v AlessandriaSaturday, March 4th  
Siracusa272177.78%Siracusa v ViboneseSunday, March 5th  
Teramo272177.78%Teramo v VeneziaSunday, March 5th  
Lecce272177.78%Virtus Francavilla v LecceSunday, March 5th  
Carrarese272177.78%Renate v CarrareseSaturday, March 4th  
Cosenza272177.78%Paganese v CosenzaSunday, March 5th  
Foggia272177.78%Foggia v Juve StabiaSunday, March 5th  
Matera262076.92%Catanzaro v MateraSunday, March 5th  
Reggio Calabria272074.07%Reggio Calabria
v Casertana 1908
Sunday, March 5th
Como272074.07%Lucchese v ComoSunday, March 5th  
Cremonese272074.07%Olbia v CremoneseSaturday, March 4th  
Monopoli272074.07%Messina v MonopoliSunday, March 5th  
Juve Stabia261973.08%Foggia v Juve StabiaSunday, March 5th  
Pordenone261973.08%Pordenone v Bassano VirtusToday  
Reggiana271970.37%Reggiana v PadovaSunday, March 5th  
Robur Siena271970.37%Livorno v Robur SienaSaturday, March 4th  
Sambenedettese271970.37%Alto Adige v SambenedetteseSunday, March 5th  
Lupa Castelli Romani271970.37%Lupa Castelli Romani v ArezzoSaturday, March 4th  
Olbia271970.37%Olbia v CremoneseSaturday, March 4th  
Lucchese271970.37%Lucchese v ComoSunday, March 5th  
Andria271970.37%Andria v AkragasSunday, March 5th  
Alessandria271970.37%Pistoiese v AlessandriaSaturday, March 4th  
Akragas271866.67%Andria v AkragasSunday, March 5th  
Albinoleffe271866.67%Feralpisalo v AlbinoleffeSunday, March 5th  
Catanzaro271866.67%Catanzaro v MateraSunday, March 5th  
Forli271866.67%Parma v ForliMonday, March 6th  
Lupa Roma271866.67%Lupa Roma v PontederaSaturday, March 4th  
Viterbese271866.67%Viterbese v Giana ErminioSaturday, March 4th  
Venezia271762.96%Teramo v VeneziaSunday, March 5th  
Santarcangelo271762.96%Santarcangelo v PordenoneSunday, March 5th  
Renate271762.96%Renate v CarrareseSaturday, March 4th  
Taranto271762.96%Fondi v TarantoSunday, March 5th  
Prato271762.96%Pro Piacenza v PratoSaturday, March 4th  
Pontedera271762.96%Lupa Roma v PontederaSaturday, March 4th  
Padova271762.96%Reggiana v PadovaSunday, March 5th  
Giana Erminio271762.96%Viterbese v Giana ErminioSaturday, March 4th  
Livorno271762.96%Livorno v Robur SienaSaturday, March 4th  
Fano271762.96%Ancona v FanoSunday, March 5th  
Arezzo271762.96%Lupa Castelli Romani v ArezzoSaturday, March 4th  
Alto Adige271659.26%Alto Adige v SambenedetteseSunday, March 5th  
Feralpisalo271659.26%Feralpisalo v AlbinoleffeSunday, March 5th  
Catania271659.26%Catania v MelfiSunday, March 5th  
Parma271659.26%Parma v ForliMonday, March 6th  
Tuttocuoio271659.26%Tuttocuoio v PiacenzaSaturday, March 4th  
Virtus Francavilla271659.26%Virtus Francavilla v LecceSunday, March 5th  
Vibonese271555.56%Siracusa v ViboneseSunday, March 5th  
Piacenza271555.56%Tuttocuoio v PiacenzaSaturday, March 4th  
Pro Piacenza271555.56%Pro Piacenza v PratoSaturday, March 4th  
Casertana 1908271555.56%Reggio Calabria
v Casertana 1908
Sunday, March 5th
Gubbio271555.56%Maceratese v GubbioSunday, March 5th  
Mantova271555.56%Bassano Virtus v MantovaSunday, March 5th  
Maceratese271348.15%Maceratese v GubbioSunday, March 5th  
Modena271348.15%Modena v LumezzaneSaturday, March 4th  
Lumezzane271348.15%Modena v LumezzaneSaturday, March 4th  
Ancona271348.15%Ancona v FanoSunday, March 5th  
  • The table above shows current season data.
  • Our data is updated every few minutes, so this is a live representation of over/under 1.5 goals data.
  • To avoid unrepresentative data, games played and over/under 1.5 goals data includes league games only and not cup or playoff games.
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