0-0 Results

0-0 results may not seem that common, so we thought we would have a look at the statistics to investigate. Not many punters bet on 0-0 results, but betting on 0-0s, or against 0-0s, can be useful in a number of ways.

Check out our statistics below showing the percentage of games that end 0-0 in the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and French Ligue 1.

Also check out the football leagues that had the most 0-0 results last season.


How Often Do Games End 0-0?

As you can see from the past 3 seasons' 0-0 statistics for the top 5 European leagues, the percentage of 0-0 results in a season is consistent at around 8%.

Eight percent of all games end 0-0 - That's approximately one 0-0 result for every 12 to 13 games played. When you consider that a normal Premier League weekend contains 10 fixtures, then you can almost expect one of those fixtures to be a 0-0, or at least on average you will see two 0-0 results for every three match days played (30 games).

What is surprising about these 0-0 statistics is how consistent the number of 0-0 results is between leagues.

Across all games played in these 5 top European leagues over the past 3 seasons, out of 9140 games, 725 were 0-0s! That's an overall average of 7.93%.

In summary, 0-0 results are worth thinking about when it comes to betting!

The Most Under-Rated Offer Out There?

With all of the above in mind, bet365's bore-draw money back has to be one of the most overlooked and under-rated offers out there.

bet365 - Bore Draw Money Back

The Deal - Place a pre-match bet on ANY correct score, half-time/full-time or scorecast markets for ANY football match, and if the game finishes 0-0, your stake is refunded if the bet loses.

Refunds are unlimited!, and you can have more than 1 bet refunded on the same game if it ends 0-0.

0-0 Statistics For Top European Leagues

This Season 0-0 Statistics
LeagueTotal GamesTotal 0-0s% 0-0s
England Premier League210125.71%
Spain La Liga179179.5%
Germany Bundesliga144106.94%
Italy Serie A197147.11%
France Ligue 1198189.09%
2015/2016 Season 0-0 Statistics
LeagueTotal GamesTotal 0-0s% 0-0s
England Premier League380328.42%
Spain La Liga380256.58%
Germany Bundesliga308247.79%
Italy Serie A380318.16%
France Ligue 1380348.95%
2014/2015 Season 0-0 Statistics
LeagueTotal GamesTotal 0-0s% 0-0s
England Premier League380318.16%
Spain La Liga380307.89%
Germany Bundesliga308289.09%
Italy Serie A380307.89%
France Ligue 1380348.95%
2013/2014 Season 0-0 Statistics
LeagueTotal GamesTotal 0-0s% 0-0s
England Premier League380277.11%
Spain La Liga380328.42%
Germany Bundesliga308144.55%
Italy Serie A380236.05%
France Ligue 1380318.16%

Use 0-0 Refunds To Your Advantage

Because your selected stakes are refunded at bet365 if ANY game ends 0-0, and assuming on average around 8% of games will be 0-0, you can use the bore-draw refunds offer as an insurance when you bet. Here are some examples and ideas to consider.

  • Look for low scoring games (or leagues) and back the 0-0 correct score and another correct score, like 1-0. You are effectively getting a free bet on the 1-0 scoreline on 8% of all matches you bet on in this scenario (on average 8% of the time the game will end 0-0, but even a higher percentage if you choose your games carefully and choose those leagues or teams that are more likely to be low scoring).
  • Don't back match winners anymore. Instead bet on the half-time/full-time market, because you will be refunded every time a game ends 0-0. For example, instead of backing Man City to win at home at odds of 1/3, back Man City to win at half-time and win at full-time (win-win), and back them to draw at half-time and win at full-time (draw-win). The only Man City win scenario you have not covered is for them to be losing at half-time and winning at full-time (lose-win), which you could also back, but it is the least likely Man City win scenario for half-time/full-time betting, so you could leave it out to maximise potential profit. If Man City draw 0-0 then all of your half-time/full-time bets are refunded. Had you just backed Man City to win, you would have lost your stake when betting on the match outcome market if the game ended 0-0.
  • Don't back draws anymore. Instead bet on a selection of correct scores. Because your stakes are refunded if the game ends 0-0, instead of just backing the draw, back 1-1, 2-2, and even 3-3. You are probably more likely to get better odds on average across these scorelines, than backing the draw. If the game ends 0-0, all three correct score bets are refunded.

Best Leagues For 0-0 Results

So, now you know you can get your correct score, half-time/full-time and scorecast bets refunded when any game ends 0-0, you're probably thinking - which are the best leagues to bet on where it is more liklely that games will finish 0-0 and my bets will be refunded?

Check out our list of leagues below which had the largest percentage of 0-0 results last season. You will see that many are obscure, lower leagues, but sometimes this is where the value is as opposed to betting on the popular and more well known leagues.

Last Full Season 0-0 Statistics
LeagueTotal GamesTotal 0-0s% 0-0s
Croatia 1.HNL1802916.11%
Serbia Super Liga2413715.35%
Jordan Pro League1322015.15%
Morocco GNF 12403615%
Argentina Primera B Nacional4626413.85%
Algeria Ligue 12403313.75%
France Ligue 23815213.65%
Kazakhstan Premier League1341813.43%
Ukraine Persha Liga2403213.33%
Argentina Primera A4506013.33%
Belarus Premier League1822413.19%
Germany Bundesliga III3805013.16%
Iran Pro League2413112.86%
Moldova National Division1351712.59%
Montenegro Second League1832312.57%
Egypt Premier League3063812.42%
Italy Serie C1/A93111312.14%
South Korea K-League1982412.12%
South Africa Premiership2402811.67%
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