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Out of 638 games played this season in the Italy Serie C1/A, both teams scored in 309 of those games. That's 48.43% of games on average where both teams score, indicated by the green line below.

  Statistics BTTS
 TeamPldBTTS%Next League GameYN
Bassano Virtus211676.19%Bassano Virtus v AnconaSunday, January 22nd  
Como211571.43%Como v Giana ErminioSunday, January 22nd  
Arezzo211466.67%Robur Siena v ArezzoSunday, January 22nd  
Fondi211466.67%Fondi v CataniaMonday, January 23rd  
Pistoiese211466.67%Pistoiese v PratoSunday, January 22nd  
Monopoli221463.64%Monopoli v SiracusaSaturday, January 28th  
Foggia221463.64%Foggia v Virtus FrancavillaSaturday, January 28th  
Livorno211361.9%Carrarese v LivornoSunday, January 22nd  
Alessandria211361.9%Alessandria v LuccheseSunday, January 22nd  
Piacenza211361.9%Piacenza v RenateSunday, January 22nd  
Teramo211361.9%Modena v TeramoSunday, January 29th  
Robur Siena201260%Robur Siena v ArezzoSunday, January 22nd  
Olbia211257.14%Olbia v PontederaSunday, January 22nd  
Cremonese211257.14%Cremonese v Pro PiacenzaSunday, January 22nd  
Lucchese211257.14%Alessandria v LuccheseSunday, January 22nd  
Matera211257.14%Matera v ViboneseSaturday, January 28th  
Melfi221254.55%Melfi v CosenzaSaturday, January 28th  
Akragas221254.55%Akragas v FondiSaturday, January 28th  
Reggio Calabria221254.55%Catania v Reggio CalabriaSunday, January 29th  
Parma211152.38%Parma v SantarcangeloSunday, January 22nd  
Pontedera211152.38%Olbia v PontederaSunday, January 22nd  
Carrarese211152.38%Carrarese v LivornoSunday, January 22nd  
Lupa Roma211152.38%Tuttocuoio v Lupa RomaSunday, January 22nd  
Giana Erminio211152.38%Como v Giana ErminioSunday, January 22nd  
Messina221150%Messina v Juve StabiaSaturday, January 28th  
Casertana 1908221150%Taranto v Casertana 1908Saturday, January 28th  
Cosenza221150%Melfi v CosenzaSaturday, January 28th  
Paganese221150%Paganese v AndriaSaturday, January 28th  
Sambenedettese221150%Sambenedettese v GubbioSunday, January 29th  
Virtus Francavilla221150%Foggia v Virtus FrancavillaSaturday, January 28th  
Italy Serie C1/A average percentage of games where both teams score: 48.43%
Venezia211047.62%Reggiana v VeneziaSunday, January 22nd  
Renate211047.62%Piacenza v RenateSunday, January 22nd  
Padova211047.62%Forli v PadovaSunday, January 22nd  
Juve Stabia211047.62%Messina v Juve StabiaSaturday, January 28th  
Lecce221045.45%Catanzaro v LecceMonday, January 30th  
Feralpisalo221045.45%Lumezzane v FeralpisaloSunday, January 29th  
Mantova221045.45%Pordenone v MantovaSunday, January 29th  
Pro Piacenza20945%Cremonese v Pro PiacenzaSunday, January 22nd  
Pordenone21942.86%Pordenone v MantovaSunday, January 29th  
Prato21942.86%Pistoiese v PratoSunday, January 22nd  
Tuttocuoio21942.86%Tuttocuoio v Lupa RomaSunday, January 22nd  
Albinoleffe21942.86%Fano v AlbinoleffeSunday, January 22nd  
Catania21942.86%Fondi v CataniaMonday, January 23rd  
Lupa Castelli Romani21942.86%Lupa Castelli Romani
v Viterbese
Sunday, January 22nd
Alto Adige22940.91%Alto Adige v Bassano VirtusSunday, January 29th  
Siracusa22940.91%Monopoli v SiracusaSaturday, January 28th  
Viterbese21838.1%Lupa Castelli Romani
v Viterbese
Sunday, January 22nd
Santarcangelo21838.1%Parma v SantarcangeloSunday, January 22nd  
Ancona21838.1%Bassano Virtus v AnconaSunday, January 22nd  
Andria21838.1%Andria v CatanzaroSunday, January 22nd  
Maceratese21838.1%Ancona v MacerateseSunday, January 29th  
Forli21838.1%Forli v PadovaSunday, January 22nd  
Gubbio21733.33%Sambenedettese v GubbioSunday, January 29th  
Modena21733.33%Modena v TeramoSunday, January 29th  
Catanzaro21733.33%Andria v CatanzaroSunday, January 22nd  
Reggiana21733.33%Reggiana v VeneziaSunday, January 22nd  
Taranto22731.82%Taranto v Casertana 1908Saturday, January 28th  
Fano21628.57%Fano v AlbinoleffeSunday, January 22nd  
Vibonese22522.73%Matera v ViboneseSaturday, January 28th  
Lumezzane21314.29%Lumezzane v FeralpisaloSunday, January 29th  
  • The table above shows current season data.
  • Our data is updated every few minutes, so this is a live representation of both teams to score data.
  • To avoid unrepresentative data, games played and both teams to score data includes league games only and not cup or playoff games.
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