Choosing the right leagues, teams or games where Over or Under 2.5 goals is more likely can be a tough task with so many games played across the world. Some leagues have significantly more high or low scoring games than other leagues, so narrow down your betting decisions using our best leagues for over/under 2.5 goals statistics below.

Using this information will hopefully help you to fine tune your betting choices and back the games where history suggests that over or under 2.5 goals is likely (or not). Click each league to view the best teams within these leagues for over/under 2.5 goals games, and click next predictions to view upcoming games.

 LeaguePldOver 2.5% 
Singapore S-League11100%Next Predictions
Estonia Esiliiga18013575%Next Predictions
Slovenia 2. SNL725069.44%Next Predictions
Switzerland Super League1107669.09%Next Predictions
New Zealand Premiership825567.07%Next Predictions
Ireland Premier6466.67%Next Predictions
Bolivia Nacional271866.67%Next Predictions
Estonia Meistriliiga18211764.29%Next Predictions
Regionalliga Bayern18712064.17%Next Predictions
Holland Eerste Divisie27016862.22%Next Predictions
Paraguay Division de Honor211361.9%Next Predictions
United Arab Emirates UFL1328161.36%Next Predictions
Scotland League One1237460.16%Next Predictions
England Conference North33319759.16%Next Predictions
Qatar Stars League1549159.09%Next Predictions
Australia A League1056259.05%Next Predictions
England Conference South33519558.21%Next Predictions
Poland Ekstraklasa18110558.01%Next Predictions
Sweden Allsvenskan24013957.92%Next Predictions
Northern Ireland Premier League17810357.87%Next Predictions
Wales Premier League1498657.72%Next Predictions
Regionalliga West19210956.77%Next Predictions
Cyprus 1 Division1749856.32%Next Predictions
Austria Bundesliga1156455.65%Next Predictions
Switzerland Challenge League1086055.56%Next Predictions
Chile Primera291655.17%Next Predictions
Saudi Arabia Pro League1337354.89%Next Predictions
Italy Serie A25814054.26%Next Predictions
Slovakia I Liga18810254.26%Next Predictions
Scotland League Two1246754.03%Next Predictions
England Premier League25713853.7%Next Predictions
Germany Bundesliga19810653.54%Next Predictions
Denmark 1st Division1146153.51%Next Predictions
Uzbekistan PRL24012853.33%Next Predictions
Hong Kong 1st Division774153.25%Next Predictions
Vietnam V League492653.06%Next Predictions
Honduras Liga Nacional422252.38%Next Predictions
USA Major League Soccer35718752.38%Next Predictions
Czech Druha Liga1286752.34%Next Predictions
Regionalliga North1889852.13%Next Predictions
Oman League1125851.79%Next Predictions
South Korea K-League23011851.3%Next Predictions
Venezuela Primera392051.28%Next Predictions
Regionalliga Northeast1738850.87%Next Predictions
China Super League23411950.85%Next Predictions
Turkey Lig A1969950.51%Next Predictions
Holland Eredivisie21610950.46%Next Predictions
England Championship40220250.25%Next Predictions
Slovenia Prva Liga1105550%Next Predictions
England League 239219650%Next Predictions
Scotland Premiership1567850%Next Predictions
Norway Tippeligaen24412250%Next Predictions
Costa Rica Primera683450%Next Predictions
Japan J2 League10550%Next Predictions
Denmark Superliga1587849.37%Next Predictions
England Conference40019749.25%Next Predictions
England League 140119749.13%Next Predictions
Regionalliga Southwest23311448.93%Next Predictions
Germany Bundesliga II1979548.22%Next Predictions
Lithuania A Lyga1316348.09%Next Predictions
Moldova National Division1004848%Next Predictions
Turkey Super Lig1969347.45%Next Predictions
Georgia Umaglesi Liga954547.37%Next Predictions
Ukraine UPL1135346.9%Next Predictions
Czech Gambrinus Liga1416646.81%Next Predictions
Scotland Championship1255846.4%Next Predictions
Sweden Superettan24411346.31%Next Predictions
Portugal LigaPro30614146.08%Next Predictions
Montenegro Second League1004646%Next Predictions
Germany Bundesliga III23810945.8%Next Predictions
Peru Primera351645.71%Next Predictions
India I League442045.45%Next Predictions
Romania Liga I1707745.29%Next Predictions
Mexico Ascenso MX904044.44%Next Predictions
Croatia 2.HNL1145043.86%Next Predictions
Hungary NB I1195243.7%Next Predictions
USA North American Soccer League1908243.16%Next Predictions
South Korea K-League Challenge2219542.99%Next Predictions
Uruguay Division Profesional281242.86%Next Predictions
France National2018642.79%Next Predictions
Macedonia First League803442.5%Next Predictions
Bulgaria A PFG1476141.5%Next Predictions
Greece Etniki Katigoria1747241.38%Next Predictions
Italy Serie C1/A80533341.37%Next Predictions
Ukraine Persha Liga1777341.24%Next Predictions
Finland Veikkausliiga2008241%Next Predictions
Portugal Superliga2048340.69%Next Predictions
Serbia Super Liga1837440.44%Next Predictions
South Africa Premiership1465940.41%Next Predictions
Poland I Liga1686739.88%Next Predictions
France Ligue 226910739.78%Next Predictions
Bosnia and Herzegovina Premier League1144539.47%Next Predictions
Iran Pro League1776938.98%Next Predictions
Russia 1. Division2399338.91%Next Predictions
Croatia 1.HNL1104238.18%Next Predictions
Egypt Premiership1766738.07%Next Predictions
Italy Serie B29711338.05%Next Predictions
Colombia Copa Mustang481837.5%Next Predictions
Armenia Premier League511937.25%Next Predictions
Jordan Pro League843136.9%Next Predictions
Russia Premier League1364936.03%Next Predictions
Mexico Liga MX692434.78%Next Predictions
Azerbaijan Premier League732534.25%Next Predictions
Israel Premier League1655533.33%Next Predictions
Montenegro First League1133732.74%Next Predictions
Serbia Prva Liga1203529.17%Next Predictions
Ecuador Primera A20525%Next Predictions
Albania Superliga1152824.35%Next Predictions
Japan J-League9222.22%Next Predictions
Ireland Division 1400%Next Predictions
  • The table above shows current season data.
  • Our data is updated every few minutes, so this is a live representation of over/under 2.5 goals data.
  • To avoid unrepresentative data, teams that have played 5 or less games in their current season are not included.
  • To avoid unrepresentative data, games played and over/under 2.5 goals data includes league games only and not cup or playoff games.
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