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Choosing the right leagues, teams or games where 1-1 results are most likely is a tough task with so many games played across the world. Some leagues have significantly more 1-1 results than other leagues, so narrow down your betting decisions using our best leagues for 1-1 results below.

Using this information will hopefully help you to fine tune your betting choices and back the games where history suggests that a league is likely to generate a lot of 1-1 results (or not). Click each league to view all scorelines and the percentage breakdown for each league.

Iran Pro League721622.22%Next Predictions
Italy Serie B1102421.82%Next Predictions
Macedonia First League491020.41%Next Predictions
South Africa Premiership40820%Next Predictions
Scotland Premiership551120%Next Predictions
Spain Segunda Liga1142219.3%Next Predictions
Argentina Primera B Nacional911718.68%Next Predictions
England League 21662917.47%Next Predictions
Peru Primera691217.39%Next Predictions
Austria Bundesliga581017.24%Next Predictions
England League 11753017.14%Next Predictions
Chile Primera711216.9%Next Predictions
Scotland Championship49816.33%Next Predictions
Russia 1. Division1802916.11%Next Predictions
Argentina Primera A941515.96%Next Predictions
England Premier League881415.91%Next Predictions
Colombia Copa Mustang1602515.63%Next Predictions
Uruguay Division Profesional641015.63%Next Predictions
Azerbaijan Premier League32515.63%Next Predictions
Bosnia and Herzegovina Premier League771215.58%Next Predictions
Paraguay Division de Honor841315.48%Next Predictions
Belarus Premier League2073215.46%Next Predictions
Brazil Serie B3044715.46%Next Predictions
Regionalliga Southwest1432215.38%Next Predictions
Japan J2 League3986115.33%Next Predictions
Poland I Liga1241915.32%Next Predictions
Scotland League Two46715.22%Next Predictions
Portugal Superliga661015.15%Next Predictions
France Ligue 21191815.13%Next Predictions
Mexico Ascenso MX1211814.88%Next Predictions
Qatar Stars League27414.81%Next Predictions
Ukraine UPL681014.71%Next Predictions
Regionalliga North1101614.55%Next Predictions
Venezuela Primera1792614.53%Next Predictions
Turkey Lig A691014.49%Next Predictions
Regionalliga Northeast901314.44%Next Predictions
Croatia 1.HNL63914.29%Next Predictions
Denmark 1st Division771114.29%Next Predictions
Oman League42614.29%Next Predictions
Czech Gambrinus Liga851214.12%Next Predictions
Hungary NB I781114.1%Next Predictions
Germany Bundesliga II861213.95%Next Predictions
Holland Eredivisie861213.95%Next Predictions
Romania Liga I871213.79%Next Predictions
USA North American Soccer League1752413.71%Next Predictions
Portugal Liga De Honra1191613.45%Next Predictions
USA Major League Soccer3304313.03%Next Predictions
Sweden Allsvenskan2082712.98%Next Predictions
Russia Premier League851112.94%Next Predictions
Croatia 2.HNL70912.86%Next Predictions
Denmark Superliga941212.77%Next Predictions
Holland Eerste Divisie1101412.73%Next Predictions
Mexico Liga MX1181512.71%Next Predictions
England Conference1922412.5%Next Predictions
Switzerland Challenge League57712.28%Next Predictions
China Super League2142612.15%Next Predictions
Sweden Superettan2172611.98%Next Predictions
England Championship1682011.9%Next Predictions
Italy Serie C1/A2783311.87%Next Predictions
Sweden Division 13293911.85%Next Predictions
Turkey Super Lig68811.76%Next Predictions
South Korea K-League2072411.59%Next Predictions
Czech Druha Liga951111.58%Next Predictions
Singapore S-League1041211.54%Next Predictions
Norway Tippeligaen2192511.42%Next Predictions
Ecuador Primera A81911.11%Next Predictions
Serbia Prva Liga81911.11%Next Predictions
Germany Bundesliga III1181311.02%Next Predictions
Poland Ekstraklasa1001111%Next Predictions
Belgium Division 246510.87%Next Predictions
Spain Primera Liga84910.71%Next Predictions
Regionalliga Bayern1421510.56%Next Predictions
Slovakia Corgon Liga76810.53%Next Predictions
Finland Veikkausliiga1922010.42%Next Predictions
France Ligue 1971010.31%Next Predictions
Slovenia Prva Liga68710.29%Next Predictions
France National90910%Next Predictions
Germany Bundesliga70710%Next Predictions
England Conference North1601610%Next Predictions
Italy Serie A80810%Next Predictions
South Korea K-League Challenge211219.95%Next Predictions
Brazil Serie A312319.94%Next Predictions
Slovakia I Liga142149.86%Next Predictions
Ukraine Persha Liga132139.85%Next Predictions
Costa Rica Primera102109.8%Next Predictions
Egypt Premiership4149.76%Next Predictions
Latvia Virsliga103109.71%Next Predictions
England Conference South159159.43%Next Predictions
Japan J-League288279.38%Next Predictions
Norway Adeccoligaen224219.38%Next Predictions
Georgia Umaglesi Liga5658.93%Next Predictions
Luxembourg National Division5658.93%Next Predictions
Wales Premier League6968.7%Next Predictions
Bolivia Nacional5858.62%Next Predictions
United Arab Emirates UFL2528%Next Predictions
Hong Kong 1st Division2528%Next Predictions
Northern Ireland Premier League7568%Next Predictions
Albania Superliga3837.89%Next Predictions
Uzbekistan PRL207167.73%Next Predictions
Regionalliga West11897.63%Next Predictions
Ireland Premier189147.41%Next Predictions
Saudi Arabia Pro League4237.14%Next Predictions
Estonia Meistriliiga169127.1%Next Predictions
Ireland Division 110776.54%Next Predictions
Moldova Divizia A6446.25%Next Predictions
Montenegro Second League6646.06%Next Predictions
Belgium Juliper League8455.95%Next Predictions
Cyprus 1 Division5235.77%Next Predictions
Lithuania 1 Lyga233135.58%Next Predictions
Kazakhstan Premier League182105.49%Next Predictions
Bulgaria A PFG7445.41%Next Predictions
Switzerland Super League5635.36%Next Predictions
Estonia Esiliiga16574.24%Next Predictions
Scotland League One5024%Next Predictions
Armenia Premier League2913.45%Next Predictions
Greece Etniki Katigoria4112.44%Next Predictions
Moldova National Division5911.69%Next Predictions
  • The table above shows current season data.
  • Our data is updated every few minutes, so this is a live representation of 1-1 results data.
  • To avoid unrepresentative data, leagues that have fewer than 20 games played in their current season are not included.
  • To avoid unrepresentative data, games played and 1-1 result data includes league games only and not cup or playoff games.

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