Atletico Mineiro Results and Statistics - Here are the latest current season results and match statistics for Atletico Mineiro. Where available, corner statistics, percentage possession, half-time and full-time results, yellow and red cards, goal times and scorers, fouls committed, and shots on and off goal are displayed.

Atletico Mineiro statistics are highlighted in orange below. Click the more statistics [+] link to show more details about each game.

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Atletico Mineiro home league results and statistics
Atletico Mineiro away league results and statistics


   Home Team StatisticsAway Team Statistics
FT ResultHT ResultPosCnrsFlsSOnGSOffGPosCnrsFlsSOnGSOffGM
27-NovAtletico Mineiro v Sao Paulo1-21-1 31633 5952[+]
 23 mins (1 - 0) - Hyuri
 25 mins (1 - 1) - Maicon
 90 mins (1 - 2) - Gilberto
 6 mins - Wellington (Sao Paulo)
 11 mins - Christian Cueva (Sao Paulo)
 25 mins - Patric (Atletico Mineiro)
 36 mins - Eugenio Mena (Sao Paulo)
 68 mins - Julio Buffarini (Sao Paulo)
 82 mins - Luiz Araujo (Sao Paulo)
 90 mins - Thiago Mendes (Sao Paulo)
20-NovSanta Cruz v Atletico Mineiro3-32-154%7179646%31064[+]
17-NovAtletico Mineiro v Palmeiras1-10-161%3175439%32345[+]
6-NovCoritiba v Atletico Mineiro2-00-053%5136547%21213[+]
29-OctAtletico Mineiro v Flamengo2-20-164%7126436%61266[+]
23-OctAtletico Mineiro v Figueirense3-01-0 41245 31022[+]
16-OctBotafogo v Atletico Mineiro3-22-040%5167560%81334[+]
13-OctAtletico Mineiro v America Mineiro3-01-0 9674 41053[+]
6-OctCorinthians v Atletico Mineiro0-00-048%131421052%31334[+]
1-OctPonte Preta v Atletico Mineiro1-20-251%8257849%21526[+]
25-SepAtletico Mineiro v Internacional3-12-1 51041 61252[+]
18-SepCruzeiro v Atletico Mineiro1-10-153%4132747%22123[+]
15-SepAtletico Mineiro v Sport Recife1-00-056%3134844%41524[+]
13-SepFluminense v Atletico Mineiro4-20-154%7114646%21644[+]
7-SepAtletico Mineiro v Vitoria2-11-048%51441152%61758[+]
28-AugGremio v Atletico Mineiro1-10-065%71781135%01721[+]
21-AugAtletico Mineiro v Atletico Paranaense1-01-047%6144753%51442[+]
14-AugSantos v Atletico Mineiro3-01-0 42070 7712[+]
9-AugAtletico Mineiro v Chapecoense3-12-057%5154643%31169[+]
4-AugSao Paulo v Atletico Mineiro1-21-254%1299846%31734[+]
31-JulAtletico Mineiro v Santa Cruz3-01-054%10125546%31113[+]
24-JulPalmeiras v Atletico Mineiro0-10-060%6104240%12030[+]
19-JulAtletico Mineiro v Coritiba2-11-048%3144552%31935[+]
10-JulFlamengo v Atletico Mineiro2-01-047%693453%52323[+]
3-JulFigueirense v Atletico Mineiro1-10-1 41223 21731[+]
1-JulAtletico Mineiro v Botafogo5-32-051%9148349%9973[+]
26-JunAmerica Mineiro v Atletico Mineiro0-10-146%2185854%41732[+]
23-JunAtletico Mineiro v Corinthians2-10-056%3244344%21155[+]
19-JunAtletico Mineiro v Ponte Preta3-02-057%1099543%31614[+]
16-JunInternacional v Atletico Mineiro2-01-060%7246340%51255[+]
12-JunAtletico Mineiro v Cruzeiro2-31-147%7144353%41363[+]
5-JunSport Recife v Atletico Mineiro4-42-454%285546%41665[+]
2-JunAtletico Mineiro v Fluminense1-11-152%0154748%21944[+]
29-MayVitoria v Atletico Mineiro1-10-149%4206551%51695[+]
27-MayAtletico Mineiro v Gremio0-30-360%584540%41361[+]
22-MayAtletico Paranaense v Atletico Mineiro1-11-052%5123348%1281010[+]
14-MayAtletico Mineiro v Santos1-01-055%4166945%21255[+]


Atletico Mineiro BTTS Statistics - Both teams score in 59% of games involving Atletico Mineiro (both teams scored in 22 out of 37 Atletico Mineiro games played this season). The average percentage of games in which both teams score for Brazil Serie A is 46.03%

Atletico Mineiro Over/Under 2.5 Goals Statistics - There was over 2.5 goals in 57% of games involving Atletico Mineiro (21 out of 37 games this season involving Atletico Mineiro have finished with 3 or more goals). The average percentage of games where there were over 2.5 goals in Brazil Serie A is 44%

Atletico Mineiro Corners Statistics - Games involving Atletico Mineiro average 9.62 corners in total. Atletico Mineiro home games average 9.37 corners, and Atletico Mineiro away games average 9.89 corners. The average number of corners in games in Brazil Serie A this season is 10.07 (home team average corners won - 6.02, away team average corners won - 4.05).

Atletico Mineiro Half-Time Over/Under 0.5 Goals Statistics - There was over 0.5 goals at half-time in 84% of games involving Atletico Mineiro (31 out of 37 games this season involving Atletico Mineiro have had more than 0.5 goals at half-time). The average percentage of games where there were over 0.5 goals at half-time in Brazil Serie A is 68%

Atletico Mineiro Half-Time Over/Under 1.5 Goals Statistics - There was over 1.5 goals at half-time in 35% of games involving Atletico Mineiro (13 out of 37 games this season involving Atletico Mineiro have had more than 1.5 goals at half-time). The average percentage of games where there were over 1.5 goals at half-time in Brazil Serie A is 27%

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