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Cover Yourself
Cover Yourself
Bet in twos. Where possible, cover your bets so that if one loses, the other makes up for the loss. If both come in you've won.

Whatever your strategy, always try cover yourself. If you're placing £1 on a bet that looks like a long shot, and although 1 in 100 times it may come in and make you a fair bit of profit, place a bet on something you're think has a good chance of coming in that will win you that £1 you're likely to lose on a longshot. Let's look at some examples :

1. You put £1.50 on a Lucky 15 longshot. Lucky 15s are unlikely to win every week, but when they do you could be making a large profit. So, you expect the bet to not return anything. So, place £1.50 on Liverpool to win away at Leicester at 1/1. If Liverpool win you've made the money you've written off on the speculative longshot.

2. You've got £10 to bet, and want to place it on something reasonable that has a good chance of winning. Chelsea are playing away at Middlesbrough at 6/5 and Leeds are playing away at Southampton at 11/8. Instead of putting your whole £10 on one game, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Instead use the higher odds game as a cover, putting a smaller amount on this game. So, in this case, Leeds are your cover, and Chelsea your winner. If both win you've made a nice profit. Put £4.21 on Leeds at 11/8 (£10/((11/8) + 1)), which will win you exactly £10 if Leeds win, and put the rest - £5.79 on Chelsea which will win you £12.74, a small profit if only Chelsea win. If both win you've got £22.74 from a £10 bet. You could have placed your whole tenner on Chelsea and lost the lot on one game.

Cover Yourself Example 1

Cover Yourself Example 2

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