Lucky 15 Long Shot Strategy
Lucky 15 Long Shot
Choose 4 long shot outcomes at around 16/1 and place a £1.50 stake that could return more than £10,000! You still win if you only get 1 out of 4 too.
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Choose four outcomes at around 16/1 and for a small stake you could end up winning thousands. This type of bet is commonly called a Lucky 15 because the permutation contains 15 bets. For example:

1. Choose 4 outcomes at around 16/1. Choosing a team to be winning at half-time and then drawing at full-time will almost always give you these odds if you shop around the bookies. Higher scoring correct scores will also give these types of odds.

2. Place a small unit stake, around 10p per bet, and this will be multiplied by 15 to calculate your full stake.

3. If only one of the four comes in, you've won your money back. If more than one of the four comes in you could be making big money for a small stake.

You might find that these types of bet don't win that often, so we call this strategy the 'Long Shot'. However, remember that the one time you do get two, three, or four results come in, you've made a fair bit of profit. You've just got to hold out until you get that one week where you hit the jackpot.

Use this strategy in conjunction with another strategy that will cover any losses on this type of bet. For example, place £1.50 on an Evens single bet to cover the potential loss on the Long Shot. Alternatively, treat this bet as it is named, a long shot, and write off the stake as you would do with your quid on the lottery each week!

Looking for a good online bookie where you can place your Lucky 15 bets? Well try out Bet365. They have an easy and informative site and placing Lucky 15 bets is made easy. Simply log into their site, click the 'add' button on your 4 selections for your Lucky 15, then go to your bet slip and place your stake.

Lucky 15 Example

Lucky 15 Example

Lucky 15 Example

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