Free Bets Strategy
Free Bets and Offers
Most bookies offer incentives to join, or once you've joined offer regular free bets. Use these to the full to back up your own cash!

You can get hundreds of pounds in free bets, simply by joining up with a few different online bookies. There's no point in putting down your own cash when you can join another bookie and get a free tenner to place on whatever you want. Read the small print with each bookie, but there's usually no catch, even if it sounds like there is with free money!

Free bets come in a range of formats. Some bookies will give you a £10 free bet just for joining, some will match your first deposit up to a certain amount e.g. a £25 free bet for a £25 initial deposit, some will give you a percentage bonus for depositing money on a certain day of the week e.g. 5% bonus for Thursday deposits, whereas others will give you offers after you've joined in the form of free bets on big games e.g. if you place a £10 bet on a game you'll get a free £10 in-running bet. Check out our bookie comparison and free bets pages for the latest information on freebies.

Let's look at some ways to use free bets:

1. You join a bookie, and they give you a free tenner to bet on anything you want. Instead of just placing it on anything, wait until you're making your first bet with your own money. For example, you think ManU will beat Arsenal at 6/5 so you put your own tenner on ManU, and your free £10 bet on the draw at 2/1. This way you increase your chances of coming out with a profit because one of the bets is free. If the draw comes in you've got £30, if the win comes in you've got £22, all from only £10 of your own money. If you placed two tenners on two different games you could just end up losing both. Narrow your chances of losing by using your free bet wisely.

2. You join 3 bookies at once, all giving incentives. With three free bets you can cover a game and all it's outcomes - home, draw, away, all with free money! This ensures you'll win something, whereas if you placed all three bets on three separate games you could end up losing all three. Try go for an evenly matched game where you'll get the best value for all outcomes, for example Home 6/4, Draw 2/1, Away 6/4. With three, free £10 bets, you'll win at least £25 (£10 at 6/4) you can withdraw as cash (most 'free' bets can only be used as bets, not withdrawn immediately. Betting and winning means you can withdraw the cash). You could also try this strategy in conjunction with the Any Which Way but Lose strategy. The Any Which Way bet is not as certain to win, but the potential winnings are big, and who cares, the bets are free!

Free Bet Example 1

Free Bet Example 2

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