Double Up Strategy
Double Up
Keep betting on Evens (1/1) and if you lose, double your stake next time. You will eventually come out winning if you can hold your nerve on the double-up
Persevere with doubling your stake (sometimes referred to as the martingale system) on odds around evens and eventually come out winning.
For example:

1. Man U are playing away at Southampton and are 1/1 to win the game. If you put £1 on Man U to win, and they lose....

2. Simply next week put £2 on another 1/1 outcome - Leeds vs ManU. Oh no!, ManU lose again, you're now £3 down....

3. The next week put £4 on another 1/1 outcome - Arsenal to win at Charlton. Bingo!, they win and you profit £4, wiping out your current £3 loss, and giving you 14% profit.

You'll eventually win if you can keep doubling your stake. If you win on your first week you've a profit of 100%, second week 25%, third week 14% etc. One drawback - if you go on a losing streak your stake can keep doubling and before you know it you could be sweating it out!, and the percentage winnings get lower. However, hold your nerve and make sure you can afford to keep doubling and you will win.
Take a look through our example. Of course £1 profit doesn't seem like a lot, but multiply up the stakes to what you can afford and you'll be making money. Consider the percentage returns, not the absolute amounts.

Double Up Example 1

Double Up Example 2

Double Up Example 3

Double Up Example 4

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